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About Us - Thirty7 FX

Meet the Head Muckity Muck:

Doug Christ is a self-described mediocre guitar player (#mediocreplayer #happyplayer), but that doesn't stop him from creating unique, great-sounding Effects Pedals. Doug's passion for tinkering comes from his dad and grandfather, who instilled in him the value of building things that enhance what you love to do. The Fat Guy Little Coat fuzz was born in June of 2020 out of that love, and anybody who owns one will tell you that something good DID come out of that miserable year. There's more on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Doug is also a co-host on the wildly popular 'Masters of The Cinematic Universe' Podcast along with Joe O'Rourke and Eric Pabon. We do deep-dive breakdowns of your favorite, and not so favorite movies. Find us on your favorite podcatcher or click the link below


For some fun podcast interviews with Doug, click the link below for the latest with 'The Tone Control' Podcast:

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